Sunday, March 22, 2009

SmartSurfaces - Interdisciplinary Course

In the fall of 08 there was a call for proposals called the MLTT Initiative. This stands for Multidisciplinary Learning and Team Teaching. Together with my collaborator from the FIRE project, John Marshall (School of Art and Design) and a colleague, Max Shtein from Materials Science, we submitted a proposal for a joint course. We recently received final word that our project was supported. In the fall of 09, the three of us will be team teaching a course called SmartSurfaces. The course will bring students from Architecture, Art, and Engineering together to develop a series of ‘responsive environments’. We hope to build a multidisciplinary community around the exploration of structural systems and surfaces augmented by networked computing elements that have the capacity to learn and adapt to new information and conditions.

Here is the poster advertising the new cross listed course.

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