Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rhino Scripting - Session 1

This semester we have Marc Fornes doing a visiting grad options studio. In addition to that, we convinced him to do a few workshops for the faculty. So far we have had one 3 hour session and we were already making things. It was a great session, not stuck in the tediousness of variable types or anything like that, instead we made something, kept building, and could see the differences right away.

I had a couple hours to play today so I manipulated a few of our simple scripts from last week. Using a loop, arrays, and a couple of 'if then' statements, I am able to control the location, size, and color of many objects. In the examples I am using a bunch of spheres. The session this week will work on surfaces.

Here is a link to the RVB file.

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STU said...

would be great to see the scripts u created.