Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scripting - After Session 2

We had our second session with Marc Fornes this week and we started with a discussion of surfaces. The logic of surfaces relies on U and V instead of X,Y,Z. In the following studies I convert the UV back to XYZ so that I can map the height of the parts. The color is used to distinguish height. On my first iteration the color was gradual. In the included images, I rounded the values to the nearest 10 so that there are height contours shown with the color.

The studies were useful to get a better handle on arrays, capturing and using lists of values to map the cones to the surface and capture their Z values to control the color.

Here is a link to the script. Caution as it might be a bit sloppy as I was throwing all sorts of variables in to get it to work.

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