Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Years Resolution 2015 - Less Mass Customization, More Smart Manipulation

No teaching this term so there is time to advance some work, thinking, and research.  

It is computationally inexpensive to create mass-customization but when it comes to some fabrication strategies the desire for complete unique parts begins to take its  toll.  Given the ability to control, develop, define, and manage geometric complexity I am developing some work which seeks to use standard parts that are able to produce custom configurations.  I have begun to understand a hierarchy of part to sub-assembly to assembly and the cost / value ratio is not spread equally throughout that system.  Using catia to simulate kinetic movement, parts can be fabricated (or 3D printed in compressed forms), shipped, and then reconfigured or opened.

Here is an animated screenshot of standard parts (with consistent lengths) manipulated by one parameter.  I am studying the joints, rotations, and range of movement.  This represents a framework for the control of more robust manufactured elements.

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