Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow Cones

We had some snow last week.  I rushed over to the botanical gardens to check out the pavilion and was pleasantly surprised to find snow shadows, or maybe the opposite of shadows, focused piles of snow corresponding to each cone.  Now I am waiting for a good ice storm to see if we get icicles for each cone.

Next iteration of the folding panel

After trying a few options for the folding screen, here is one that uses the corner (or a fold in the surface) to open.  I was hoping for a more dramatic range from closed to open but the range is based on the range of the individual module.

I was a bit lazy with the animation, only a few versions to show the range of motion.  The panel as rendered is 7 feet high by 9 feet wide.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The next project with John and Cezanne

John, Cezanne, and I have been working / talking about the next project since this past summer.  While we are still in the early stages, or at least my part of it is in early stages, I had a break through with the assembly modeling component in DP.  The installation will be at a museum in Japan and we are trying to work with a repeated interactive module and origami.  Below is a simple animation of the repeated parts as they fold.  The top left corner is fixed, and as a result as the parts change, it impacts all the connected modules.

Below are a few of the parts simply arranged that also rolls the surface into a cylinder.