Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unfolded PowerCopy

Tutorial that explains how to include unfolded geometry in a powercopy.
The tutorial also shows how to use local and global parameters.
18 minutes. Click the image for the video.

Arts & the Environment: FIRE

As part of a University of Michigan initiative to explore arts driven inquiry, Arts on Earth sponsored multidisciplinary faculty teams to develop work that explores environmental issues. Since the summer I have been working with John Marshall from the School of Art & Design and Werner Dahm from the Laboratory for Turbulence & Combustion (Department of Aerospace Engineering). We were given the element of fire.

The opening night of the installations / performances is on: November 5 from 5 - 11.
Here is a link to
Arts & the Environment.

A series of aluminum forms will hold an array of autonomous interactive units that will respond to the movement and environmental conditions around it. The behavior is obviously informed by the dynamic qualities of fire.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Numbers linked from Excel

This tutorial will describe the creation of a design table, allowing for the control of geometry from an Excel spread sheet. The design table is also useful for input and output of data from Digital Project. Using the random number generator from Excel, a rule is created to randomly open or close the geometry of a powercopy.

Here is a link to the video.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grasshopper - Brick Surface

This grasshopper example places a series of boxes on a lofted surface. Currently it is an approximation of a brick surface. The next file will follow the rules for corbeling to set a maximum curvature based on a brick module.

Here is the grasshopper file.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grasshopper - Array of Boxes

Simple Grasshopper video tutorial that shows how to make a series of boxes re-orient themselves based on a point.
Beyond the simple re-orientation the file uses both a MAX and MIN to control the size of the boxes.

Click the image to watch the video.

Here is a link to the grasshopper file.

Digital Project - Tutorial 5 - Document Templates

This is the fifth and last comprehensive tutorial for the ParaMod seminar. The five tutorials should give everyone a basic understanding of many of functions. I will continue to add shorter more specific tutorials.

Document templates allow for advanced replicatiopn at the product level, each part of the syetem is a separate file.

Click the image below to view the 40 minute streaming video.