Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Images of THR_033 from the museum

Dezeen picked up the tea house on the blog today.  Click the image to read their description:

 John also posted some great pictures from the opening.  Here is a link to his post.

Here is the smile scanner in action:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

THR_033 - Tea House shipped to Japan

Things have been busy, but now that THR_003 has been shipped to Japan things might settle down a bit.  Here is a sampling of the process, development, and construction.  John and Cezanne left for Japan on Friday and will be assembling the parts this coming week.  Photos from the museum will be available very soon.  The show opens July 9 and goes through August 22.  Here is a link to the the exhibit information.

Here it is crated and waiting for FedEx.

Here is the tea house lit from the inside.

Detail of the yupo laser cut surface.

Here is the laser cut surface being assembled on the table.

Assembly / system diagram.

Prototype of the operable openings.

Process representation of a flat paper skin.

Skin prototype to detail the paper seams.

Flat paper skin with operable opening.

Early drawings for the tea house.