Monday, September 1, 2008

Digital Project - Tutorial 1 - The Sketch

Here is the first Digital Project tutorial developed for the ParaMod Seminar. It is 42 minutes long and covers the interface and the sketch. Let me know if I left anything out.

Click the image below to go to the streaming video.


Anonymous said...

I just installed DP and I am not showing a lot of the tools you are. For instance, I cannot create the plane like you did because it is not docked on the right hand side of the screen. I turned every tool on looking for it, but cannot find it. I also cannot create a geometrical set. I am simply missing that option under "insert."

Any idea why I am missing all these tools?
Thanks said...

Because many of the tools and menus are context sensitive, you may be in the wrong area to find the sketch tools. You will want to be in the geometry workbench, to do this click on 'start' in the top left corner, then select 'project center' and then select 'geometry'. This should change the menus and bring up the tools you are looking for. Let me know if this helps.

Alioscia said...

Same problem. maybe i have to customize the toolbars?

Anonymous said...

Same issue. I am missing workbenches only in the part workflow. If i'm working on a product everything is fine. Could this have something to do with the license being installed wrong? I'm not getting any support on this.

Igor said...

i had the same problem, DP has an option for viewing licence only, which behaves as you described(common with the bootleg version on the web). If you have legitimate licence, email them and they will respond quickly and send you a new one

Igor said...

You most likely have a viewing licence only(a case with the torrent files online). If you have a legitimate licence however email them and they will sort it out quite promptly.

Anonymous said...

in your licence manger

take out primeverra integration
and projectmanager

also take out viewerandprimavera
and viewerandprojectmanager

and tick all the rest

that is it