Sunday, January 31, 2010

Attractor Point with Range

I received a request recently about using an attractor point in DP.  This was a famous early Grasshopper example so I figured I could do a simple version using DP.  The tutorial also includes a powercopied rule to set the range of the attractor point allowing for greater or lesser impact of the point on the circle radii.

Here is the text for a rule that gets powercopied with the geometry:
if buildgeo\radius_inner > radius_max 
{buildgeo\radius_float = radius_max }
else if buildgeo\radius_inner < radius_min 
{buildgeo\radius_float = radius_min }
else {buildgeo\radius_float = buildgeo\radius_inner }

Here is the file if anyone wants to work through the example (file here).  Click on the image below to start the video.

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Luc Wilson said...

I'm really interested in learning how to control the range of an attractor point in DP. Have you posted the tutorial for this? When I click the animated gif it takes me to the image not a video. Thanks for all your great DP tutorials.