Monday, January 4, 2010

Research Through Making Exhibit

Sorry for the holiday delay in posting.  Once reviews were done I needed a break.  We have been working on the exhibit of the first group of Research Through Making projects.  The exhibit will be on display starting on January 15th.  I have been working with Chris Johnson to animate a few of the material studies that were developed at the beginning of the project.  In all there should be 5 interactive prototypes.  Still working on the drawings and repairing some of the models.  I'll post some images once the exhibit is installed.

The interactive pieces are an array of LEDs with a PIR motion sensor controlled by Arduino boards.  We tried various code options but in the end recycled the code developed by John Marshall on the FIRE project.  The laser cut paper models are investigations of various aggregation strategies for a structural system.

Shadow Pavilion paper studies from Karl Daubmann on Vimeo.

Shadow Pavilion prototype from Karl Daubmann on Vimeo.

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