Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unfolded PowerCopy

Tutorial that explains how to include unfolded geometry in a powercopy.
The tutorial also shows how to use local and global parameters.
18 minutes. Click the image for the video.


Anonymous said...

Again, Thank you so much, really helpfull!!!

neil said...

hey karl. interesting example. you can simplify powercopies by not using any sketch geometry and only using wireframe geometry to make the wireframe. then you wouldn't have to specify anything relative to the axis system.

i like positioning the unfolded surfs using a pattern too. good idea in case the pieces get large and you need to adjust the spacing. keep 'em coming!

Tim said...

Hey Karl, I was wondering if you knew a way to assign text to power copies/ label the build geometry so that subsequent power copies have ascending and unique number values projected on or near their unrolled surface. My problem is a lot of the elements in our current design might look roughly similar once unrolled and would create headaches come assembly time unless i take the additional step of bringing them into rhino and projecting labels one by one.

Thanks for any info,