Monday, June 23, 2008

Point Distance Surface

Building on a couple of the Grasshopper tutorials and trying to include a couple of new commands I developed a surface that responds to a location of a point. The video shows the interactions of the various sliders.

For a bigger video click here .

Making a few tweeks with the sliders and then baking each, the variations from a screen shot below. Unfortunately I could not find a way to trim in grasshopper so this task is completed once the geometry is baked.

When selecting the point, make sure "point" is selected in Rhino. If "coordinate" is selected you can make a point, but you will not be able to move it around.

Revised file based on some feedback from Gabe. My trim is a bit messy because I could not get it to subtract the correct side. I exploded the surfaces to get the final trim. Here is a link to the grasshopper file.


gabe f said...

is there sound in your video?

how do you get the endpoints of the lines?

Karl Daubmann said...

sorry no sound on this one. still did not have a microphone when I made the video. As for the end points... The command is under curve, top row, third from the left. It allows you to extract start and end points from a curve (or line). I chose only the end points, these are then used to define the surface. Hope this helps.

gabe f said...

ok...i figured it all out and I can even show you how to make the "cut" parametrically in grasshopper. The problem I am having now is figuring out how to get a point which is attached to a real rhino point. seems simple but can't figure it

Karl Daubmann said...

Here is a screen shot of my grasshopper setup. The way I set the point, was to use the second input (B) from the Vector - Distance command. Let me know how you did the parametric trim.

Here is a link to the screen shot.

gabe f said...

that's what i did...but i didn't get what you were doing in your video. I'm not sure how you are moving the point? If I want to move it I have to use "set point" again...i must be missing something.

I got my trim by using a boolean difference between the surface created by the end points and a new one being used to worked for me - i hope it does for you to. One thing though, is that the surface gets capped...I can send you a WRM file if you want...

ParaMod said...

I went back to check out the problem with the point and realized that when you go to select a point, make sure "point" is selected with the Rhino prompt. Once it was defaulted to coordinate and it would make a point but I couldn't move it around. Screen shot of the prompt has been added.

Anonymous said...

hi paramod:
i've been playing around with your gh's definition. i've been trying to populate a surface with it....still not working.
is thera a way to send you your modified definition so you can take a look at it???

Gergana said...

my version does not have "Sec", do you have any recommendation,
Our goal is to move the surface in not such a pointy way
Do you recommend more tutorials
Thank you