Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grasshopper Surface Studies

As a way to explore the potential of Rhino Grasshopper, I started working on a series of milled panels. Each panel varies through the use of a few simple variables (grasshopper uses slider bars). These values are fed to a random number generator so the behavior is somewhat unpredictable.

The loft surface is built through a series of sin and cos curves, where the frequency is controlled by the variables (detail of the relationships below).Here are 4 sample surfaces made through slight modifications of the slider bars.

The surface is then contoured to approximate a milled pattern.

As a variation of the simple surface, it gets slightly submerged into the stocck material, leaving a flat surface on the top with the remaining surface being milled. This reduces the material thickness and milling time.


Per Petersson said...

Hi Paramod?
Is it possible to take part of the grasshopper-definition on the "Surface Studies", I would be very happy since I been experimenting with similar surfaces
best regards

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