Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Semester Ends

This semester was a heavy technology semester with the ParaMod seminar and the grad studio also using DP.  This meant lots of posts and figuring out all sorts of DP related issues.  After the intensity and a solid week of final reviews, I am taking a week to focus on some other work.  I have ideas for a few more tutorials, one of which will include a DP rule to change the display color of objects and probably a simple ecotech shadow generation.

As far as work goes, PLY is getting busy and John Marshall, Cezanne Charles and I are collaborating again.  This time on a Tea House for Robots to be installed in Japan in July.  It will be at the Natinoal Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto from July 9 –  August 22.  Here is a link. We are ramping up this week so once there are images and mock ups I can post some of that work.

Stay tuned, the summer is getting busy already.

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Alexander said...

whereabouts? will be here till august 24th, would be interested in stopping by