Saturday, September 19, 2009

SmartSurfaces is up and running

The SmartSurfaces course had its first meeting on September 11.  There are 24 U of M undergrads enrolled (8 from Arch, 8 from Art and Design, 8 from Material Science).  The students will form 4 teams to design and build a final prject that explores interaction, fabrication, and heliotropic structures.

At the heart of the course and the project is the Arduino open-source electronics prototyping board.  This past week we had all the students working with their Arduinos.

The course website has an absolutely amazing set of Arduino resources and original tutorials produced by John Marshall.  Students will be posting their work to the site, so it will be worth checkinh back.

Here are a couple of videos of the students' Arduino studies after a couple of hours:

Briena - Color mixing with 3 LEDs.

Peter - Light sensor controling an LED

Peter - Dialing in the servo motor

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