Sunday, June 28, 2009

Research Through Making finds a site

We have been working on the Research Through Making Grant for about a month. Numerous models and scripts have been developed as a means of creating form from a series of laser-cut, sheet metal cone like elements. To get the project out of the workshop and into the world, we started looking into potential sites. We worked with the U of M Arboretum and Botanical Garden to identify sites that would satisfy their goals and ours. Below are the final images of the agreed-upon construction site. We hope to begin installation in about a month.

Entrance from the street

Entry to the Pavilion

Pavilion from landscape

Pavilion from the back side

Inside the pavilion

Process models


James said...

how did you physically model the conical modules? said...

The model is built using a thin white plastic sheet material called Yupo (glued with super glue). It is fully recyclable. All the shapes are laser cut directly from the rhino digital model.