Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spiral Structure - Grasshopper

While it is very easy to make a spiral with an equation, I took the approach to make a series of points that build (and translate) from the previous point. Once a series of 10 points have been created, an interpolate curve connects them and then these curves make surfaces. Dividing the curves a series of pipes connect points to form an in between structure.
As more rotation occurs between points, the curve must interpolate, creating oblong cuves.

While the file is not as elegant as I would like, the file includes shift and interval as a way to connect the various divide points. If anyone has a better idea how to repeat the multiple actions of the spiral, I would be open to hearing about it. As far as I know there is no loop function which would do the trick.

Download the grasshopper file here .


Matt said...

can you save the file as a ghx or gh file

bone d said...

what he said above, a ghx file would be much appreciated..thanks!